Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future


Florida Future Educators of AmericaAdviser:  Mrs. Bonnie Watkins

Florida Future Educators of America is a pre-collegate teacher recruitment program.  

Goals and Purposes: The goals and purposes of this program shall be to: Section A. Strive to inspire competent young men and women to consider teaching as a career. Section B. Provide members with knowledge and experiences that develop qualities and aptitudes essential to successful teaching. - 3 - Section C. Offer pre-teaching experiences that are both exploratory and developmental in nature. Section D. Provide information on professional career opportunities in education and the special competencies required. Section E. Develop an appreciation of public education and the contributions that have been made by teachers, public schools, colleges and universities, teacher unions, and other professional organizations to American society. Section F. Encourage members to exercise their rights and privileges as citizens and to participate and accept leadership in civic affairs.

Meeting time and place:  Room 6-111, 3rd Thursday of the month

Please see Mrs. Watkins for additional information or to answer any questions