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Help Our Planet EarthAdviser:  Mrs. Betsy Farner

The HOPE Club is an organization that is devoted to helping preserve the environment. Our Club's goal is to raise awareness about environmental issues through community outreach, environmentally-themed fundraisers, and participation in community events and competitions. HOPE Club performs the following services:

  • Helps facilitate increased participation in the school recycling program. We also raise awareness about environmental issues such as reducing waste, conserving Earth's natural capital (water, air, wildlife, land, and resources). 
  • The club participates in lake cleanups on the Harris Chain of Lakes. 
  • Would like to conduct activities to raise funds for worthy causes such as disaster relief.  
  • The club will start collecting printer cartridges for recycling.  
  • Some members participate in helping the Lake County Water Authority remove nonindigenous plants from the wetlands throughout Lake County. They also help clean-up the litter in various Lake County wetland locations.
  • Several members of the club also participate in the Envirothon competition, which is an environmentally themed international competition.  
  • The club also does seasonal window painting in the science wing which educates students on the need to preserve our environment and generally makes the school a more cheerful place.
  • We have meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month in room 6-201 during Learning Opportunity.